Open PhD positions


Through the CEITEC PhD school we currently offer following PhD topics:

Mechanisms controlling germ-line differentiation in plants

Supervisor: Karel Říha, Ph.D.

Annotation: Plant germ-line forms during late stages of plant growth within developing floral organs. We use genetic, cell biology and biochemical tools delineate molecular processes that govern formation of haploid gametophytes from diploid precursors. We are particularly interested in mechanisms that regulate meiosis. We have designed a genetic screen to identify novel genes involved meiotic progression in Arabidopsis thaliana. The PhD project deals with functional characterization of the genes discovered in the screen and  development of technologies for in depth analysis of plant germ-line differentiation.

Keywords: plant germline, regulation of meiosis

Synthetic biology in unicellular green algea

Supervisor: Karel Říha, Ph.D.

Annotation: Green picoalgae are important constituents of marine plankton and play important role in sea ecology and biogeochemical cycles. They represent some of the smallest eukaryotes with simple body organization and highly streamlined genomes. They make these organisms suitable for a number of biotechnological applications. This PhD projects aims at establishing genome editing tools in marine picoalgae Ostreococcus sp. and use them to study various mechanisms governing genome stability.

Keywords: picoalgae, genome editing, chromosome segregation

If this sparks your interest, do not hesitate to contact us! Information about the program and how to apply can be found on the CEITEC PhD school website.