Lab activities

Lab Retreat 2021


Despite all the COVID-19 restrictions during the past months, science in our lab flourished. Now we were finally able to meet in person and share and discuss all the exciting discoveries and ideas for the future. All in a beautiful moravian vineyards of Vinařství u Kapličky.

Lab Retreat 2019


In May we went for our annual lab retreat to discuss our progress and future plans. A lot of great stories are cooking in our lab! This time we visited Salzburg, Austria.

Christmas market Brno 2018

Another successful year finished with our annual Christmas market visit! Mulled wine, cold air, decorations, a lot of discussions and a delicious dinner and beer at the Charlie's square restaurant.

Lab Retreat 2018


Once again we all met and discussed all research topics in a condensed retreat in Vir. We got fresh ideas, played bowling and visited a nearby dam.

First Master's defensio in Brno!


Kristina Tuckova is our first Master student and she successfully defended her thesis "Role of evolutionary conserved Mo25 activator in regulation of plant CIPK kinases."
in the Biochemistry programme on 18.06.2018. Of course we celebrated with cake and pastries. And the graduation hat made in the lab with love could not be missing! 


Christmas market Brno 2017


Our extended team enjoyed the traditional lab visit of the Christmas market. Mulled wine and delicious Indian dinner at the Namaskar restaurant. 

Lab Retreat 2017


Our annual Lab Retreat took place at Vranov nad Dyjí. We discussed our research, brainstormed ideas and took a lovely walk through the beautiful Podyjí national park in the South Moravia region.

Celebrating Holi 2017


CEITEC harbors a nice group of Indian students and researchers. This weekend they introduced us to the Holi - a Hindu spring festival full of colors, music, joy and great food at the local Brno Indian restaurant Namaskar. Nobody was spared of the colors!

Labmeeting on ice 2017



Winter 2017 is particularly cold in Brno. Jaroslav brought his gear for ice skating and cross country skiing for all lab members. Instead of our regular labmeeting we did some teambuilding on ice. Brno's popular dam was a great place to start our morning, enjoying the sun and winter sports.

The first Christmas party with secret Santa

​  ​

In addition to the official 2016 CEITEC Christmas party, Albert helped to organize the Secret Santa party for the A26 building. Everybody prepared some food, drinks, presents were given and we got to know each other a little better. Sorin gave us a taster of his stand-up comedy art, and we all sang under the Arabidopsis Christmas tree.

Annual visit of a Christmas market 2016


It has become a tradition to dress warm, get some mulled wine and enjoy the atmosphere of a local Christmas market. This year we visited Zelni trhNamesti Svobody and tried some local food at the Stopkova restaurant. We celebrated the successful year full of publications and accepted grants. We finished our trip with the typical selfie under the popular statue of Jost on a horse.

Lab retreat 2016


The second eddition of our Brno-labretreat was a great success. We discussed our projects, obstacles and exciting new leads in the small village Pavlov in South Moravia until the late evening. We took well deserved break and tried some local wine and visited the Archeopark picturing the Pavlovian culture from 29 000 BC.